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Horse Racing: Handicapping’s Most Powerful Basic General Factors And Profitcapping

Racing’s made of two major parts: Profitcapping and Handicapping. There’re only a few basic general powerful factors to Handicapping. There’re two handicapping types and 3 handicapping levels. The handicapping types are: ‘common’ handicapping (using combinations of two or more factors and/or angles) and ‘statistical’ handicapping (testing every single element and system in statistical form to find out what’s best for win, place, show, fourth and fifth positions). The 3 handicapping levels are: level 1 (guessing, using birth dates, social security numbers, etc.). Level 2 (using the daily racing form, program, combining factors and angles, creating handicapping methods, tip sheets, products, racing digest, etc.). Level 3 (testing every single element, method, angle, system, means and way for one or all in the money positions in a specific statistical form). Handicapping’s most powerful general factors can be used in a more focused way than the general racing public uses them.

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