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Trading Soccer Over and Under Markets Posted By : JosephPeck

Mon ,09/08/2010

Trading on Over/Under Goals markets in betting exchanges can be very profitable if you apply this strategy well. The most popular market is 2.5 Goals. For this type of trading to work well you need to find a match between two low scoring teams. Appropriate teams will be with strong defense and relatively weak offense.

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Football Betting Tipsters Review Posted By : Thomas T

Wed ,26/05/2010

Daniel Soulsby spent years working for top international bookmakers. Now that he has retired from bookmaking, he wants to give you the secrets he learned in all those years. Daniel had the chance to work with professional gamblers on a daily basis, and he studied their methods and systems so that he knows what works and what doesnt work. He has created Football Betting Tipsters to give you a chance to utilize his tactics and make money the way the pros do.

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How To Make Over $1200 In 3 Hours In Soccer (Football) Live Betting Posted By : Angela C

Sat ,22/05/2010

I play a round of mean soccer with my MALE soccer buddies every Wednesday night. I’m the only rose among the thorns. During each game, I simply forget that they are guys. I just concentrate on the game of eleven players against eleven players. I love soccer to bits but making money from soccer gives me even more joy.

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The Football Maestro Posted By : Mark Boyle

Sat ,15/05/2010

The Football Maestro is a soccer backing system, which concentrates mainly on the best teams in the top leagues in Europe – England, Spain & Italy, as well as a few European games.

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Highly regarded tournament the English FA Cup Posted By : Richards7 Jon7

Sun ,21/03/2010

The history of English FA Cup proves it to be a huge spectator sport that has easily dominated the world of ball games. It has become a source of income for many common people as well as some business tycoons who have made it a hobby as well to fix the football betting odds.The origin of English FA Cup (soccer) can be traced back to the mid 19th century. This competitive sport has been popular in England since late 1840.

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Football Trading Advice For Beginners Posted By : Jason Woodruff

Fri ,26/02/2010

Football betting is a tough nut to crack if you’re just betting the HOME/DRAW/AWAY and correct score markets. I would like to equip you with some new tools that will help you become a better gambler, this article contains one of those tools.

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A Way To Take Full Advantage Of A Lucrative Football Lay Betting System Strategy! Posted By : John Simonski

Thu ,18/02/2010

Lay Betting Methods – Determine the facts about lay betting systems. Study more regarding Lay Betting Systems in addition to how they succeed. Tips to Lay Bet advantageously then succeed more with a Lay Betting Method that wins 9 times from 10. Unique Football Lay Betting System Strategies in addition to techniques revealed regarding a Lay Betting Technique which can benefit real people to be successful in addition to win over and over again. Discover more about the interesting world of Football Betting Systems plus start successfully winning on a regular basis from the world of losers now.

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Asian Handicap Soccer Betting For Beginners Posted By : Online Football Betting

Fri ,13/03/2009

Learn about Asian Handicap Soccer Betting and Online Betting Websites.

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When Soccer Games for Betting Purposes are Considered Official. Posted By : Tony Tellez

Fri ,30/01/2009

Sports betting topic is examined and when soccer bets are considered official for grading purposes.

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Use soccer betting tips to improve your chance of winning Posted By : Ashish Arora

Sat ,06/12/2008

If you are looking for some soccer betting tips, dont worry, you will get plenty of advises and I am sure that these advices will enhance your winning chances especially if you have no idea of soccer betting and are a beginner.

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