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Archive for August, 2016

Horse Racing: There’s No One And Only Handicapping One-Size-Fits-All Does It All Method In Racing

Wed ,31/08/2016

Players look and search for the one and only handicapping and profitcapping method or system that will do everything in winning and money making. It don’t exist for there’s no such thing because handicapping and profitcapping isn’t that simple or neither all of horse racing. If you play different field sizes, race types and race tracks then you must have different methods for different things. That’s how it works. Most players hearing this will downplay or trivialize this. And that’s why they’ll lose. That’s why they will search but never find because of thinking they know and they don’t and don’t want to be told a thing. Once again: there’s no one and only method or system that’s a one size fits all does it all in racing.

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Horse Racing: How To Use Basic Statistis In Racing

Tue ,02/08/2016

When you’re using the daily racing form or the racing digest you’re using statistics. These newspapers papers are based completely on statistics to predict each horse’s strengths and weaknesses. Then there are online racing services and their statistical content is vast. The player must grasp the importance of this. Without it you’ll lose virtually every capacity to predict races accurately and to make money. A few things are needed on how to use basic statistics in this game properly.

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