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Archive for December, 2015

Horse Racing: How To Find The Win Percent By Using Field Size

Tue ,22/12/2015

When players handicap they’re prone to presuming that the win, place, show, fourth and fifth positions percent of every field size is identical and IT ISN’T. When one uses the morning line (track program) or the tote board in such a frame of thinking an error comes in because of lumping all field sizes together into one instead of considering each size on its own. With the morning line it’s 31.6% – 36% depending on the skills of the track’s line makers and 33% approximately for the tote board. Both for the win position only. This is when all field sizes are lumped into one instead of being separated individually.

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Horse Racing: How To Decipher And Simplify Racing

Wed ,09/12/2015

Handicapping racing factors such as form, class, beyers numbers, speed, pace, trip, track bias, handicapping odds and hundreds of other factors and angles is something that is put to one side. Then there are money factors such as ticket price, payouts, money oriented odds, wager types, in the money positions, value, price, money management and many others as a second thing to be put to another side. Why is racing hard to decipher? Has anyone ever figured it out? If they did would they tell others? Horse racing has been deciphered. One side is everything predicting the order of finish positions results or handicapping and the other side is everything predicting the money, profit or ROI to be made or profitcapping.

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Horse Racing: How To Find The Holy Grail Of Handicapping – Part 2

Tue ,01/12/2015

How to find the holy grail of handicapping is to have a method or tool to search and to find the handicapping system(s) that’s best for each one or every wager type. A method to find the method or in other words that which is similar to the scientific method which is a method to find the knowledge, truth and fact of anything including methods to do things. Racing’s made of five in-the-money positions which are win, place, show, fourth and fifth. One or more of these make up the different wager types and so a player uses the – METHOD – to find the best system(s) or method(s) for each one or all of them for the player’s purpose.

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