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Archive for November, 2015

Horse Racing: Everything In Racing Is Repetitive And Based On A Few Things

Mon ,30/11/2015

Racing’s complex in itself which makes it difficult to make money from. But all of its complexities boil down to doing things in two wide areas: handicapping or predicting the outcome of races and profitcapping or predicting the amount of money to be made from those races. This is a MAIN thing to understand. Each area has complexities and each one has to be studied deeply and fully. Players study racing for 1-30 or more years and everything in books, magazines, TV, radio, the internet, etc. is repetitive material. The same thing done and repeated in new ways for a hundred years.

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Horse Racing: Profitcapping And Handicapping And Things You Haven’t Been Told

Wed ,18/11/2015

There are a few things about profitcapping and handicapping that has never been told to the public. There are a few things which are secret. These several major secrets are what virtually every large money maker knows that the 10’s of 1,000’s of the masses of the playing public doesn’t. There are a few people who in fact make large profits in the game and it doesn’t take magic but being knowledgeable about a few specific things dealing with ‘averages’.

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Horse Racing: The Secret Necessity Of Keeping Simple Records In Racing

Tue ,17/11/2015

Many players feel they know enough and don’t need to be told anything. Yet there’s one thing they need to be told about in case they’re not doing it. The necessity in racing of keeping a simple record of all transactions you make. This includes the date of plays, wager types played, price of ticket(s), won or loss of particular races, payout amount(s), payout total over a specific time period, ticket price total over a specific time period, profit or loss over time and any other thing you think is relevant. As simple as this sounds you would be surprised at just how effective keeping a simple record of racing transactions are.

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Horse Racing: What Experts And Professionals Miss In Racing

Thu ,05/11/2015

Experts and professionals focus mainly on a single handicapping method, angle or system trying to do with it what it can’t do. This is because of how it’s being used and not generally because it isn’t powerful. Even old players who’ve played for 5-20 years don’t see certain things even though they are – very – good at what they do. They still get a small profit for their efforts over such a period of time if they kept good records which is a necessity in racing. What experts and professionals miss is seeing the whole picture of racing which would put them in a class of their own when it comes to making money by design.

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