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Archive for October, 2015

Horse Racing: The Secret Of Handicapping And Seeing The Big Picture

Fri ,30/10/2015

The secret of handicapping and seeing the big picture is a necessity in racing and must be understood. One of the major reasons that players fail in the game is because they see only a small part of the game. Thinking that this is all that’s needed and finding out in surprise that something was overlooked having came up later. Racing is a prediction game. You must predict the order of finish positions (OFP) of races which is handicapping and predict the amount of profit or money that can be made which is profitcapping. If you’re unaware of it then you’ve just been told a great secret.

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Thoroughbred Reality Check: 4 Biggest Myths From The Horse Racing Industry

Mon ,26/10/2015

It’s no secret that horse racing has been a great source of entertainment, business and prosperity for the wealthy. In hopes to experience extreme thrill and earn money, owners, jockeys and trainers buy from a huge selection of race horses for sale and race them in games and competitions. While some owners and jockeys love their horses and truly care for them, others just mistreat, abuse and exploit their horses in the name of entertainment.

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Horse Racing: The Secret Of Why It’s Necessary To Pass Or Play Races

Fri ,23/10/2015

One of the main rules of racing is: you – must – pass or play races. All and every race that is run at every single track on Earth whether small or major, legal or illegal is different. Every single race that has been run for over 3000 years to the present was and is different. Because of this the player must be on guard in their choices and selections of each and every race that he or she will play. You must decide the reasons to play or not play a race. There are several reasons or more to pass or play a race(s).

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Horse Racing: General Questions Answered

Mon ,19/10/2015

Horse racing is the sport of kings or the sport of rich people who can really afford the large amounts of money it takes to continue playing the game. That’s closer to it because if you want to make money in racing you need two things: knowledge of the structure of the game along with all its details and money. Even then it isn’t easy because there’s much complexity in the system of horse racing. The game is made of two major parts: handicapping and profitcapping and knowing this is the easy way compared to other ways.

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Horse Racing: How To Grasp Potential Profit, Profitcapping And Handicapping In Racing

Tue ,13/10/2015

In order to make money in racing it’s best to grasp the concept of potential profit and how much the player intends to invest and get back in their return on investment. Potential profit is part of profitcapping and is easy to calculate. Simply stated: (1) How much total money is in each field size over a 3-10 years period when 1,000’s of payouts are summed over that period. (2) The flat rate amount for the ticket price for a specific wager type for a specific field size. (3) Subtracting the payout total sum from the ticket price total sum (the flat rate price paid for each ticket of each of those 1000’s of races) to get the potential profit.

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The Van Der Wheil Method

Fri ,09/10/2015

Che Van Der Wheil (VDW) was a genius in the 1970’s who devised a method to narrow down the field of runners in a horse race and thus find the winner of a race with more frequency. In a nutshell the Van Der Wheil method used: Horse’s Ability To Win; Consistency (Horse placings); Class; Ratings. Only when all the boxes were ticked was a bet placed. He was a legend in horse racing and has contributed so much to racing!

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Horse Racing: The Secret Of Ranking Horses

Mon ,05/10/2015

Whenever you’re handicapping you’re choosing horses that you believe are the first best, second best, third best, etcetera for the wager type(s) you’ve chosen to play. When you do this you’re ranking horses. This is based on their comparative abilities and in the process you’re creating a line up. This is how all line ups are produced including the morning line or track program. Knowingly or unknowingly all players when handicapping are ranking horses and there are two ways to rank horses. (1) per each race one by one. (2) statistical sampling of 100’s or 1,000’s of races over a 3-10 years period which is an aspect of advanced statistical handicapping or the highest form and level of handicapping.

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