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The Class Factor in Backing Race Horses

     Posted on Tue ,24/05/2016 by admin

Establishing a horse’s class as a criteria for backing winners is important however it is important to understand that class does not stay constant. The class level of race horses will change depending on the fitness level of each animal, the going, distance, course, and a multitude of other factors.

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Horse Racing: What Do You Need In Racing To Make Money?

     Posted on Thu ,12/05/2016 by admin

What do you need in racing to make money? Understanding. One thing you have to catch is that racing’s about making money first and handicapping second. It’s about predicting horses of course but it’s also about predicting profit to be made. You’re not there to just see horses run around a track. Without the money profit orientation to racing it would be a very small and seldom watched sport. What part of racing deals with everything about money in the game? PROFITCAPPING. From beginning to end. If the player wants to make big bucks then he or she will have to break racing into two major parts: profitcapping and handicapping.

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Horse Racing: How To Find The Missing Link In Racing

     Posted on Sat ,30/04/2016 by admin

How to find the missing link that will help the player make an easy instant million. There’s no such thing and if you want to make millions in racing you’ll have to do it the same age old way. That’s by luck or design or by understanding PROFITCAPPING and ADVANCED HANDICAPPING. Everything about horse racing is known and it’s in the form of books, magazines, videos, commentaries, statistics of virtually every element and facet, computer programs by the 100’s of every aspect of racing. So what’s left to know? A better question is: what is it that you must know but don’t? Why don’t you already know it when everything is already out in the open or in public? Let’s answer that.

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Horse Racing: How To Understand Price As An Aspect Of Value

     Posted on Fri ,15/04/2016 by admin

A player looks for profit value with every race he or she plays. The size of the value can be big or small but that’s the reason you’re playing. To make money. Each time the player looks for value it’s value in the form of a price. Each odds or combination of odds will pay a specific amount in money above or below your ticket price. That tote odds money price is to be favorable in the direction of profit. That price has to be there or there’s no need to play that specific race. The player doesn’t invest money unless there’s the potential of getting back more than what was put in. That’s the meaning of price.

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Horse Racing: Advanced Handicapping, Profitcapping And Matching Racing Results To Payouts

     Posted on Fri ,08/04/2016 by admin

Whatever handicap method the player has chosen must be able to make money over the long-term. To do this the player’s profitcap methods must show that this is possible. In other words: the handicap method(s) and the profitcap method(s) must be matched side by side to show that the handicap method(s) is making money over that several years period. The players must know beforehand if such methods (handicapping and profitcapping) together makes profit for them. The handicap method(s) can be found by using advanced statistical handicapping and the profitcap method(s) can be found by using advanced profitcapping.

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Horse Racing: How To Deal With Money Management

     Posted on Wed ,23/03/2016 by admin

Managing money in racing is what makes it possible to a tremendous degree to make money. Money management is a major part of profitcapping which is the money half of racing. The other half is handicapping. Bad money management means you’ll run out of money to wager with because it was used wrongly and unwisely. In racing it takes money to make money and there’s no credit line. If you intend to win big it takes a lot of it. Money must be used a certain way on every wager made and therefore it isn’t only about handicapping (picking horses) but profitcapping ( predicting future profit). To make sure you have the best chance and not second best then it’s necessary to practice sensible money management.

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Horse Racing: How To Grasp The Tote Board Odds And Odds Drift

     Posted on Fri ,11/03/2016 by admin

The tote board is where handicapping (predicting races) and profitcapping (predicting money) meets. There are two general types of odds: (1) money odds. (2) handicapping odds. The tote changes every 90 or so seconds to show the next set of odds and seen as a whole the tote board fluctuates. The last set of odds is at zero minutes to post and when the gate opens the wagering is stopped until the race is finished. So what will the odds be on each horse when the race is finished? This is part of profitcapping and is about how to predict and find out exactly as possible what those odds will be for more advantageous wagering.

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Horse Racing: Why Profitcapping And Handicapping Should Be Used Together

     Posted on Wed ,17/02/2016 by admin

Why profitcapping and advanced handicapping should be used together is simply because racing’s made of these two parts. Profitcapping is about the money side of racing and about how to find out how much money is in each field size over a 3-10 years period of time. It’s about what is the best ticket prices for those specific field sizes. Advanced statistical handicapping is the scientific method to find the most powerful handicapping method that will predict what horse(s) will come in-the-money. It’s the method to find the method. These are two formidable means to play the game. Profitcapping and advanced handicapping lets the player know WHY they’re doing what they’re doing when seen from the big picture.

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Do Thoroughbreds Need Medication to Win Races?

     Posted on Wed ,10/02/2016 by admin

Headlines lately have been inundated with story after story, attack after attack, about the moral ethics of medicating the Thoroughbred racehorse. We have owners and trainers, race officials and veterinarians all over the board on this controversial issue. Is it really necessary to medicate a racehorse, and if so, why?

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HORSE RACING: How To Use Trip Handicapping

     Posted on Wed ,10/02/2016 by admin

How to use trip handicapping means that you must find all the information that’ll tell you about what made a race(s) turn out the way it did. That’s a lot of information. In this process a player is finding out – WHY – each specific horse or all horses did what they did. If you’re going to keep records on specific horses then you’ll need trip handicapping or need to have it as part of your handicapping strategy. Why is that? Because lack of information and lack of knowledge is at the core of losing in racing and no one wants to lose their hard earned money

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