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Horse Racing: The Secret Of PROFITCAPPING

The secret of Profitcapping is to comprehend that racing has a total money side unto itself that makes it 50% of the totality of the game. There are two major divisions to racing: Handicapping and Profitcapping. Most players concentrate on handicapping because they assume that’s all that’s required because if you get the horse you get the money. It’s not that simple. There’s a full fledged money side to racing and it has nothing to do with the means, systems, factors and methods of handicapping which is to predict and determine the order-of-finish of races by selecting and choosing specific horses. It has do with how much money or profit can be made over weeks, months and years and the methods to use in order to arrive at that determination beforehand. It also has to with making money in racing by design and not luck or accident.

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