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Horse Racing: Proven Betting Systems And Profitcapping

Any systems which predicts the order-of-finish of races are proven betting systems and there are many of them. In using proven systems there are a few things you need to grasp. Racing is a business and whenever you use the word bet, your frame of mind is different from when using the word Invest. When you bet your money you’re usually in a gambler’s frame of mind instead of an investor’s frame of mind. Gamblers don’t know completely what they’re doing. Investor’s know to a high degree what they’re doing. One of the main reasons racing’s constructed as it is, is because it’s proven to work as a business and it also keeps people gamblers which keeps the game going. One of the proven ways to make money in racing is to know its’ structure and all the elements of that structure. The structure of racing is made of two major divisions: profitcapping and handicapping. The proven way to is to know both divisions indepth.

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