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Horse Racing: Profitcapping Is Predicting Money And Handicapping Is Predicting Horses

Racing’s complex so it has to be simplified. There are two main halves to racing: profitcapping and handicapping. To know this is to know the holy grail. Handicapping is to predict the outcome of a race and has nothing to do with money. Profitcapping is to predict how much money profit is to be made and has nothing to do with picking horses. This isn’t obvious to the majority of players even if they subliminally intuit it. Since it isn’t obvious this gives a minority of players a small edge. To predict a race handicapping and profitcapping are done in two general forms. (1) Each race is assessed and passed or played. (2) Statistically: a 3-10 years sample is taken to determine every type of pattern in racing.

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