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Horse Racing: How And Why Handicapping Is Only Half Of Racing

How and why handicapping is only half of racing is to understand that racing has been analyzed and found to made of two main parts: Handicapping and Profitcapping. When racing is taken apart several main things can be found: (1) it’s made of two major divisions. (2) that field size is a major part of the process. (3) that payouts can be averaged. (4) there’s a way to play where you can know ROI (Return On Investment) over years. Anything to do with selecting, picking and choosing horses using factors and angles is Handi-Capping. Anything that deals with predicting profit, money to be made and ROI is Profit-Capping. Each one is 50% of the game. Capping means a system or process to determine the likelihood of a thing in racing.

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