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Horse Racing: Fixing Horse Races And Corruption

Can races be fixed? Yes. Have they been fixed? Yes. Are they being fixed? Yes. Everyday. By who? trainers, jockeys, gangsters, big gamblers, owners and you name it. There are ways to fix races even today even though it’s difficult. There are two general ways to fix a race. (a) drugs. (b) backroom deals. A few shall be noted here. Players rarely consider race fixing. Over all racing’s pretty legit or about 96% over all. But it’s the approximate 4% that’s trouble. The percent is small but the negative to the sport is big. This goes for legal and illegal corruption. Both are used to fix horses and fix races. What’s one of the main reasons for fixing races? GREED. Plain and simple. If there’s large amounts of money to be made then there’s greed and race fixing.

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