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Horse Racing And How To Handicap

How to handicap in racing and how to do it well involves knowing how to use basic statistics in choosing your horses. Statistics is used by every human being and every non-human such as rats, cows, lions, etc. in one form or another. Every minute or 60 seconds of your life is a statistical variable. Horse racing is complex and has three levels of handicappers based on their skill which are beginners, intermediates and advanced. Each level is divisible into three sub-levels. Starting form beginners who have bought their first ticket after going to a race track for the first time to the most advanced statistical level profitcapper and handicapper. The main thing to comprehend about handicapping is that it has nothing to do with money. It’s a horse race without wagering of any kind. Money, betting, wagering, gambling, investing and profiting are subjects of ‘profitcapping’.

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