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Horse Racing: How To Use Basic Statistis In Racing

Tue ,02/08/2016

When you’re using the daily racing form or the racing digest you’re using statistics. These newspapers papers are based completely on statistics to predict each horse’s strengths and weaknesses. Then there are online racing services and their statistical content is vast. The player must grasp the importance of this. Without it you’ll lose virtually every capacity to predict races accurately and to make money. A few things are needed on how to use basic statistics in this game properly.

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Horse Racing: One Of The Most Powerful Secrets In Racing And What Type Of Data You Need

Mon ,18/07/2016

The type of data you need is: a scientific method that’ll enable the player to find the best profitcapping and handicapping system(s) for any and all things desired in the game. From wager type(s) to profit methodology. To give the player a good to very good chance of making money. What type of data or information is needed? What type of data do you need? The type of data that gives the correct way of seeing the structure of racing and the correct way of going about finding the most powerful system in handicapping and profitcapping. Does such a thing exists? Of course. You bet it does.

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Horse Racing: Racing Systems And Their Different Degrees Of Efficiency

Wed ,15/06/2016

There are many handicapping systems in which each one has different strengths and weaknesses. Each one when used will get you closer or farther away from your goals and of course the one(s) that gets you closer will be kept. There are several thousands of handicapping systems or methods and there’s a way to test each one to find out what it can and can’t do in virtually all situations. This is what advanced handicapping is all about and why you need to study this form and level of handicapping.

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How to Profit From Sports Gambling

Thu ,09/06/2016

Vital advice on how to earn a profit from gambling on sporting events. We focus on horse racing but this can be equally applied to your sport of choice.

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Betting on Race Horses Using a System

Fri ,03/06/2016

Many horse players like to use a system when making a bet on the sport of Kings. The best system is one that you have devised yourself. This article is about devising your own system. After all it is your money you are playing with. Horse racing can be as profitable as it is enjoyable All successful operations use some kind of system. Take the fast food operations or any other kind of business. Yet most punters do not used any kind of plan for their betting whatsoever. IN other words they bet haphazardly and many of their selections are based on poor logic and faulty thinking which leads to poor judgement. Some punters will back a horse simply because of its name conveniently overlooking the fact that a horse has the same name when it loses as when it wins. Using a mechanical system is designed to help punters replace poor judgement. The advantage of a system is that you are able to check on previous year’s results to see how they have performed in the past.

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Horse Racing: How Much Money Is In Racing? How Much Can You Get? Profitcapping Is Needed

Wed ,01/06/2016

How much money is in racing? A lot. How much of it is yours? A lot. How much of it can you get? A lot. If you play the right way then advanced profitcapping and advanced handicapping is needed. First you must do a handful of things because the money in racing flows by field size and knowing how much money is in each field size will enable you to chose which field size(s) you want to play. It matters a lot. Why is that? Because the more you know about what you’re doing the greater your chances of winning. What you need when it comes to making money in the game is a new way of seeing things.

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The Class Factor in Backing Race Horses

Tue ,24/05/2016

Establishing a horse’s class as a criteria for backing winners is important however it is important to understand that class does not stay constant. The class level of race horses will change depending on the fitness level of each animal, the going, distance, course, and a multitude of other factors.

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Horse Racing: What Do You Need In Racing To Make Money?

Thu ,12/05/2016

What do you need in racing to make money? Understanding. One thing you have to catch is that racing’s about making money first and handicapping second. It’s about predicting horses of course but it’s also about predicting profit to be made. You’re not there to just see horses run around a track. Without the money profit orientation to racing it would be a very small and seldom watched sport. What part of racing deals with everything about money in the game? PROFITCAPPING. From beginning to end. If the player wants to make big bucks then he or she will have to break racing into two major parts: profitcapping and handicapping.

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Horse Racing: How To Find The Missing Link In Racing

Sat ,30/04/2016

How to find the missing link that will help the player make an easy instant million. There’s no such thing and if you want to make millions in racing you’ll have to do it the same age old way. That’s by luck or design or by understanding PROFITCAPPING and ADVANCED HANDICAPPING. Everything about horse racing is known and it’s in the form of books, magazines, videos, commentaries, statistics of virtually every element and facet, computer programs by the 100’s of every aspect of racing. So what’s left to know? A better question is: what is it that you must know but don’t? Why don’t you already know it when everything is already out in the open or in public? Let’s answer that.

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Horse Racing: How To Understand Price As An Aspect Of Value

Fri ,15/04/2016

A player looks for profit value with every race he or she plays. The size of the value can be big or small but that’s the reason you’re playing. To make money. Each time the player looks for value it’s value in the form of a price. Each odds or combination of odds will pay a specific amount in money above or below your ticket price. That tote odds money price is to be favorable in the direction of profit. That price has to be there or there’s no need to play that specific race. The player doesn’t invest money unless there’s the potential of getting back more than what was put in. That’s the meaning of price.

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