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Archive for April, 2016

Horse Racing: How To Find The Missing Link In Racing

Sat ,30/04/2016

How to find the missing link that will help the player make an easy instant million. There’s no such thing and if you want to make millions in racing you’ll have to do it the same age old way. That’s by luck or design or by understanding PROFITCAPPING and ADVANCED HANDICAPPING. Everything about horse racing is known and it’s in the form of books, magazines, videos, commentaries, statistics of virtually every element and facet, computer programs by the 100’s of every aspect of racing. So what’s left to know? A better question is: what is it that you must know but don’t? Why don’t you already know it when everything is already out in the open or in public? Let’s answer that.

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Horse Racing: How To Understand Price As An Aspect Of Value

Fri ,15/04/2016

A player looks for profit value with every race he or she plays. The size of the value can be big or small but that’s the reason you’re playing. To make money. Each time the player looks for value it’s value in the form of a price. Each odds or combination of odds will pay a specific amount in money above or below your ticket price. That tote odds money price is to be favorable in the direction of profit. That price has to be there or there’s no need to play that specific race. The player doesn’t invest money unless there’s the potential of getting back more than what was put in. That’s the meaning of price.

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Horse Racing: Advanced Handicapping, Profitcapping And Matching Racing Results To Payouts

Fri ,08/04/2016

Whatever handicap method the player has chosen must be able to make money over the long-term. To do this the player’s profitcap methods must show that this is possible. In other words: the handicap method(s) and the profitcap method(s) must be matched side by side to show that the handicap method(s) is making money over that several years period. The players must know beforehand if such methods (handicapping and profitcapping) together makes profit for them. The handicap method(s) can be found by using advanced statistical handicapping and the profitcap method(s) can be found by using advanced profitcapping.

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