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Archive for March, 2016

Horse Racing: How To Deal With Money Management

Wed ,23/03/2016

Managing money in racing is what makes it possible to a tremendous degree to make money. Money management is a major part of profitcapping which is the money half of racing. The other half is handicapping. Bad money management means you’ll run out of money to wager with because it was used wrongly and unwisely. In racing it takes money to make money and there’s no credit line. If you intend to win big it takes a lot of it. Money must be used a certain way on every wager made and therefore it isn’t only about handicapping (picking horses) but profitcapping ( predicting future profit). To make sure you have the best chance and not second best then it’s necessary to practice sensible money management.

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Horse Racing: How To Grasp The Tote Board Odds And Odds Drift

Fri ,11/03/2016

The tote board is where handicapping (predicting races) and profitcapping (predicting money) meets. There are two general types of odds: (1) money odds. (2) handicapping odds. The tote changes every 90 or so seconds to show the next set of odds and seen as a whole the tote board fluctuates. The last set of odds is at zero minutes to post and when the gate opens the wagering is stopped until the race is finished. So what will the odds be on each horse when the race is finished? This is part of profitcapping and is about how to predict and find out exactly as possible what those odds will be for more advantageous wagering.

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