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Archive for November, 2014

Horse Racing: The Secret Of The Main Difficulty Of Racing

Mon ,24/11/2014

What’s the main difficulty with racing? Is it too complex? Or is It that there’s no way to make an extra dollar? Too many opinions on the subject? Is it that there’s no method or system that will get the job done of getting the winning horses every time? It simply takes too much money to play? Or is it that you’ve spent years searching for the key methods, systems, means and ways that’ll do it all and haven’t found them? Is there a way to make a dollar? So you have a lot of questions and few to no answers. Why is racing so difficult? Racing wasn’t invented a few years ago and it wasn’t put together by one person. The main overriding difficulty with racing is: the player’s frame of mind.

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Horse Racing: Secret Of What’s Common To All Race Tracks The World Over

Thu ,20/11/2014

There are two forms in which players handicap and profitcap races. (1) by an individual race(s) to find the solutions to an individual race(s). (2) by using the statistics of 100″s to 1,000’s of races to find the patterns of winning, losing, percent, streaks and runs over weeks, months and years and the method(s) and system(s) to predict the order of finish of races and the use of return on investment methods and systems to find a means to profit. The public which is made of 10’s of thousands of persons is doing the impossible to the probable to the possible to make money. But all horse racing in the world have commonalities. A few are listed in this article.

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Horse Racing: How To Grasp That Racing’s A Statistical Game

Mon ,17/11/2014

Racing’s a statistical game. Yes that’s correct and how to grasp that racing’s a statistical game is also paramount in playing the game with professionalism. The daily racing form is a statistical newspaper of the jockeys, trainers, tracks, commenters, reporters, etc. So is the racing digest for each track which includes past performance material for each race day. To comprehend racing you must know the most basic form of statistics. Each player that can read and understand the daily racing form, racing digest, tip sheets, newspapers, online past performances and track programs are basic handlers of statistics. There are two sides to racing: pofitcapping (the money side) and handicapping (the racing side). Both are heavily statistical and both must be learned well to make money or profit (return on investment).

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Horse Racing: How To Pass Or Play Races

Mon ,10/11/2014

Racing’s made of two parts: handicapping and profitcapping. The main purpose of racing’s to make money or profit. To do that don’t play every race. Every race you play must be selected carefully and some races will not pay enough to give you back the amount of your ticket price if you win it. Each race you play must have the potential of giving you a profit or a return on investment even if it’s one dollar. One of the main reasons people don’t profit is that they play races that has no return on investment potential if won. Therefore you must learn the secret of pass or play of races well.

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Horse Racing: How To Deal With The Win Position Percent

Wed ,05/11/2014

How to deal with the win position percent takes a little knowledge. Win position percent is based on several main things. Since horse racing’s made of two major divisions which are profitcapping and handicapping then the percent are different for these two major halves. With handicapping it’s based on field size, method or system used to select horses, race type and track bias. With profitcapping it’s based on ticket format, ticket price and field size also.

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Horse Racing Betting Profits and Systems Based On Tote Board Odds

Mon ,03/11/2014

It’s very difficult to make a profit betting on horse races because the market is self regulating. In other words, it adjusts to the conditions. The bettors set the odds in a pari-mutuel system and the public is very good at determining the chances of a horse winning a race. The reason you can’t make money betting on their top choice is simple. The track has to take money out of the pari-mutuel pool in order to pay itself and the state.

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Horse Racing Betting Action and Frequency For Profit

Mon ,03/11/2014

How often should you bet on the horse races to make a profit? There are many theories about the number of good bets that may come along. Many handicappers say that betting on every race is a sure way to go broke. I’d have to agree and my opinion is based on several lines of thought. First of all, if you feel that you want to bet on every horse race it means you want to gamble. While betting on horse races is a gamble, if all you want to do is gamble and the profit isn’t your first consideration, you’re going to gamble away your money and each bet will be nothing more than the price of a thrill.

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Pick Winning Horses Using A Few Statistics to Narrow Down the Contenders

Sat ,01/11/2014

How can you pick winning horses and have the odds or statistics in your favor? The answer is within the question. You must have the statistics in your favor. Gambling, which is what betting on horse races really is, should be based on the odds. If the odds are in your favor you’ll come out ahead in the long run as long as you have enough capital to stay in the game. The problem, of course, is that you have to know what the odds are of a horse winning in order to know whether or not it’s a good bet. That means the probability.

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